Zoning Committee Members Needed.

The Town of Seneca-Wood County is in need of two Zoning Committee members.  Due to the Chairman resigning and another member moving out of the township, the zoning committee is looking for a person to serve as Chairman and one as a committee member.  The Zoning Committee meets when a constituent requests a zoning change to their property.  Currently the committee has met once a year over the last couple of years.  At the meeting, the committee listens to the constituent’s request for a zoning change, reads through the town’s and state’s zoning ordinances and determines if it would be in the town’s best interest to grant the zoning change.  A committee member is paid $20 per zoning committee meeting plus mileage, currently at $.56 per mile for 2021.  

The Chairperson presides over the meeting and conducts some preliminary investigation into the request.  The Chairman is paid $25 per meeting as well as mileage.